Alberta College of Social Workers


Sri Lanka: Community Development

A decades-long civil war between Tamil Tigers & Sinhalese is now over. Work with an organization on this island paradise that is superb at community organizing. They need help with:

  • building capacity, one community at a time (this is their specialty).
  • low cost housing; peace building; women; public health; constructing wells & latrines, working with children 3-5
  • special request for help with children orphaned by the tsunami & teaching English.

Nepal: Community Development Tackling Poverty

Nepal has transitioned from near-feudal monarchy to democracy. A genuine civil society is just emerging. Thus community development is important. This organization, though young, has a clear vision of how to help the poor. They ask for help with:

  • ater sanitation (Nepal has the highest food & water borne disease).
  • "capacity building": helping build the peoples' skills, talents & understanding.
  • health campaigns; literacy; creating local enterprises to generate income.

These are volunteer positions. (But we also help people into international careers.) Applications accepted on a rolling basis. No end date.

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