Alberta College of Social Workers


Gulu, Uganda: from Hell to Healing

This region of Uganda was devastated by war as the "Lord's Resistance Army" kidnapped boys to fight as child soldiers and girls were raped and infected with AIDS. Needed: people with

  • Experience in sexual abuse or assault and trauma work;
  • Experience in art and play therapy with kids
  • Experience with sports, music, drama & dance as therapeutic modalities as talk therapy is not a good fit in African culture.
  • Experience in fund-raising, grant-writing & development.
  • Great place to get on-the-ground, international experience in Monitoring & Evaluation.

Sierra Leone: Post-Conflict Nation

SL also suffered a brutal war as Charles Taylor's rebel forces pushed in from Liberia to grab "blood diamonds". The people of SL deeply want to prevent any future conflict. They told me that poverty, hopelessness & the gap between rich & poor laid the ground for the war. Needed:

  • people with strong listening &/or group skills to help process what creates SL's poverty and powerlessness; and help make community action plans, establish goals & objectives.
  • healers that can pick up a drum or dance (more Afro-centric modes) to heal the wounds of this war.
  • SL has begun to find homes for the kids orphaned by the war. Strong child & family skills needed.

These are volunteer positions. (But we also help people into international careers.) Applications accepted on a rolling basis. No end date.

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